Thursday, December 31, 2015

7 health perks of cycling

1. Improved cardiovascular health (the ability for your heart to efficiently pump and regulate oxygenated blood in your body)
2. Low impact on joints
3. Fat burning: Uses the biggest muscle group (legs and gluteus) thus aiding fat burning, promotion of lean muscle mass and overall toning, and get buns of steel. Really.
4. Ideal for low levels of fitness: Not about strength but technique
5. Builds strength: Once you build up your technique, you can work on adding extra resistance for strength
6. Works your core: If you cycle correctly, you will be using your core muscles at all times
7. Fun: When exercise is fun it sends even more endorphins through your body as you're not punishing your body. The social aspect adds to the time you can spend exercising; it creates a moment to connect physically and mentally that increases your emotional wellbeing.

A healthy heart = a happy heart.



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